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Service cases


Liu Chuanzhi

Legend Holdings Chairman,Executive director of China entrepreneur club 

Liu Chuanzhi was born in Zhengjiang city, Jianngsu province. He once was the chairman of Legend Holdings, and retired on Nov. 2,2011. Now he is a senior advior and honorary president  of  Lenovo                group,entrepreneurs,investors,chairmanof Taishan Industrial Research Institute, joint  chairman of  global CEO  development  conference.

          Mr. Liu  graduated from the Northwest  Institute for Telecommuications engineering (now Xian University of  electronic science  and  technology) in 1996. He engaged in scientific resecher in Institute of  computing technology ,Chinese academy of sciences after graduatoin. He is the founder of Beijing comuputer techology development company, and estalished Hongkong Lenovo in 1988. In 1997 Beijing Lenovo and Hongkong Lenovo combined, Mr. Liu took the role of chairman. In Janurary 2000, Liu was celebrated as "Asia's best business people" by "Fortune" magzine.


        In 2004 Mr.Liu retired the chairman of  Lenovo group. But in 2009 he take the chairman again. And in Noveber 2011, he retired again and took the role of honorary president of Lenovo group. On Dec. 21,2014, Mr.Liu and jointed with Mr Buffett's first foreign private airlines brand operating in China "Jie business aviation" officially bagan operaions.




Liu Chuanzhi
Liu Chuanzhi

Mr. Liu's  exclusive bulter service tracking 

In March, 2013, Mr.Liu's private fashion butler would learn of the daliy scheludes;
On Mar. 21, 2013, Mr.Liu took part in China Green Company anuual meeting and guest getwalk show.

Dress solution

Mr. Liu's private fashion butlers including 9 teamers , according Mr.Liu's daliy activities, the butlers will provide a arrage of solution, and send  the  exclusive custom clothing to the house of  Mr.Liu.  EVE fashion  butler service recieve Mr. Liu's genuine praise.

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