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She has been on the poverty line of the national ten thousand companies help villages stage, and she has been walking for 15 years

Published time:2017.11.07

Beijing national convention center
Xia hua, the chairman of EVE group, climbed the podium
Vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee and chairman of the national federation of industry and commerce
Wang qinmin received it
The national "ten thousand enterprises help wan village" precise poverty alleviation action
Advanced private enterprise medal.

Mr. Wang qinmin, vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee and chairman of the national federation of industry and commerce
Awards for Ms. Xia hua 

This honor carries a heavy weight
China federation of industry and commerce
The poverty alleviation and development leading group office of the state council
China's honorable cause promotion association
China agricultural development bank issued jointly.
Aimed at praising the advanced, delivering positive energy,
Use the power of a role model to motivate and motivate
More private enterprises are involved in targeted poverty alleviation efforts.
Through the selection of recommendations,
National "ten thousand enterprises to help wan village" precision poverty alleviation action leading group
Decide on the group and hengda group, jingdong group, etc
"Ten thousand enterprises to help villages" precision poverty alleviation operation advanced private enterprises to report praises 

The national federation of industry and commerce is in
"About praising" the village of ten thousand enterprises "for targeted poverty alleviation
The bulletin of advanced private enterprises:
These companies have the courage to take on social responsibility.
While the enterprise is developing healthily,
To promote the fine tradition of the Chinese nation to support the people,
Focusing on the accurate poverty alleviation and strengthening model innovation,
We have made the example for the private enterprises. 

Xia hua (second from right) poses with other winners of the awards

 Ms. Xia hua spoke as the representative of the winning enterprise 

And this, from xia hua deep in the mountains of guizhou
I would like to have a dream:
Not only to let the world see the beauty of Chinese tradition,
And more importantly,
Let thousands of mountain embroideries,
Rely on your craft
Live a decent life
It's been 15 years 

"The road is long
With many a winding turn 
Xia hua was speaking as the representative of the winning enterprise
The past 15 years
In the heart one emerges
She and the team walked into the mountains countless times.
To create the EVE Chinese hand workshop,
Starting a second business,
Actively participated in the targeted poverty alleviation campaign of "ten thousand enterprises,"
Explore the new model of precision poverty alleviation deep in the mountains

Xia hua is happy now
Because 15 years of the road of poverty alleviation
Became the mountain to embroider the women
The path to permanent poverty
Now, let's step on it together
Xia hua and her heart to read the women
Happy avenue.
Decoding xia hua to embroider women's happiness "secret recipe"

-- dream poverty alleviation plan --
Since 2013, according to the article group launched by hand, China workshop "embroidered dream poverty alleviation plan", through accurate support, enable remote poor areas of handicraft female embroidery to sustainable income through our craftsmanship, especially after nearly five years in southwest of guizhou ground practice, in accordance with article group currently exploring a set of can not only solve the rural poverty areas of national traditional arts and crafts inheritance and protection work, and can realize accurate support, so that the poor embroidery industry model of permanent poverty reduction goals are met.
Workshop according to the article, China hand "embroidered dream poverty alleviation plan", is combined with the basic skills of traditional crafters in poverty-stricken areas, through the training to the people, order to the home, digital, industrialization, such as precision help, will be scattered point pattern of household production as a whole, realize the flexible production, overall coordination, so as to realize handicraft female embroidery continued poor areas, the purpose of income increase to female embroider and carrots from village, village with Eva, embroidered with flowers, feed themselves, to support family. 

-- village embroidery dream workshop, handicraft museum --
In accordance with the hand workshop at present, China has been in guizhou xingren, zhenfeng hole village, xingyi mud carp dam 凼 town and other places set up 13 unique village crafts museum, mainly on the local handicraft techniques refine extraction and intellectual property rights, ethnic patterns, and attract more designers love the Chinese arts and crafts culture jointly participate in research and development design.
For improving the current decentralized way of household production, according to the article, China hand workshop established nearly 100 villages of embroidery workshop dreams, these villages embroidered dream workshop as handicraft production orders to undertake the main body, in order to plan as a whole and, at the same time also led to more small village women participation entrepreneurial innovation poverty relief organizations. In the next three years, more than 500 villages will be built in the village of nearly 50 ethnic minority villages, so that more women in poor villages will have the opportunity to work at home.

-- big data application --
At present has been hand workshop according to the article, China will find that the female embroidery, patterns, techniques, process such as catalogued, created the first village female embroidery and national pattern database, including more than 7000 embroidery covering village female female embroidery database, can be applied patterns more than 3000 kinds.
An open digital platform, female embroidery is through poor areas and the global designer and brand cooperation important linker: here, the designer can see details of each female embroidery (including embroidery method, process and transfer story, etc.), and can choose order immediately, also can use the pattern library on behalf of the various patterns of cultural aesthetics, in terms of product design. At this year's international fashion week, almost 40 designers have adopted patterns in the pattern database, and nearly 160 global designers have been involved in the project. 

-- training to people, order to household --
According to the article, China hand workshop accurately the characteristics of the poverty alleviation model is to be able to go deep into the most remote and poor areas deep in the mountains, through the study of the scale of the industry of female embroidery skills training, improve their embroidery art production level, and through data system through the cooperation with product designers, so as to realize the order to the home.
So far, the Chinese handwork workshop has completed the training of nearly 30 villages in qinglongxian county of qiandongnan prefecture, and nearly 30 villages in the county of wangxian county, wangmo and xingyi. Each year and plans to make almost all households embroidered mother embroidered dream have the opportunity to participate in the training, the training of qualified female embroidery signing of workshop will be China's hand female embroidery, at present, in accordance with article China hand workshop in guizhou, qianxinan sign embroidered niang has reached more than 7000 people and gradually began to accept the order; By 2020, nearly 100, 000 embroideries will be entered into the embroideries database, becoming the contract embroideries. 

-- wen brigade poverty alleviation + e-commerce poverty alleviation --
In building a village embroidered dream workshop, village in the process of the museum of arts and crafts, according to the article, China started with the hand workshop qianxinan government jointly create "embroidered dream trip" tour line, in the traditional handicraft culture, through the XingRen, book heng, once called zhenfengli, clear lung and other poverty-stricken ethnic minority culture, folklore, and the depth of the embroidered mother life experience, to create a deep cultural experience and humanities concern of cultural tourism lines, remove regular travel fares, every tourist spontaneously in the local village cultural products consumption on average in 6000-8000 yuan between, and indirectly led to the local arts and crafts, folk culture, food and beverage consumption, such as ability of ascension.
Workshop according to the article, China hand by "embroidered dream plan" training the female embroidery, exquisite handicrafts made by "the embroidery is selling" the form of a cut in the sales, make nearly thousand home appliance business common female embroidery order entry, in August 2017, female embroidery "embroidered dream plan" training and designers of exquisite buie thorn pear flower notebook "of" mountain flower series, with only about 3 hours 2000 tallies the spot has been sold out, the line "is embroidered is selling" own IP embroidered dream product sales way to offer female embroidery sustainable source of income. 

-- international order input --
According to the Chinese handwork workshop, the world has been seen to see the beauty of Chinese artisanal beauty as its mission, and let Chinese fashion attitude influence the world. Now hand workshop handicraft union influence of institutions in China has more than 50, also includes the B&H creative platform, "the world of" guangxi by the beautiful lady, famous brand and well-known designers, are using trained in female embroidery and patterns, China's ethnic minorities female embroidery and traditional handicraft products, through the way of recreation, for the first time into scale, into system access to foreign fashion market.
In September, according to the article group led the village female embroidery, across more than 9000 kilometers, came to London, to show their dream of embroidery products around the world, in the show, not only won the respect and gain the order, more found the cultural confidence.
In the distance, the light shines. Xia hua once said passionately, "what is the distance? My distant future is your future, and your future will be unregretful. What is light? It is your innumerable glimmers, and I am a glimmer of light around you, and we can all be radiant with light." 

In accordance with article group will continue to calls "thousands of companies to help wan village", in a sustainable market operation, international order and docking, through the link role of culture, stimulate endogenous impetus of embroidered ladies, let they can rely on self-development ability, create the life they want, in the spirit of culture poverty alleviation power of poverty; Their output of grain appearance, embroidery and other traditional national elements can be combined with the design of the fashion of refining and as a value added process through electric business platform to sell products to the world, "Chinese poverty alleviation, worldwide express", confident new way out of a culture.

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