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For the first time, she wants to change her destiny and start a second business to change the fate of a group of people

Published time:2017.11.07

Ten days ago, in the streets of London, she cried.
This is her second venture and second tears, xiahua is called the "mulan" in the business of women entrepreneurs. the first time in the mountains of guizhou before EVE china craftsmanship was founded in five years... 

Nine days ago, on the night of September 11
Xia hua with the results of a second venture:
A "embroidered dream" fashion show, which is the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries
45 sets of fashion, 4 buyi embroideries, a piece of an old song
Travel 9,000 miles to London
Stunning British business, fashion, investment, education and media... 

On this day, applause rang, and more than 200 guests were touched by her and the beauty of Chinese handicraft.
There, Mr And Mrs Liu xiaoming, Chinese ambassador to Britain Ms hu pinghua and British directors association President Barbara Judge, Burberry chairman of the board Mr Peace, chief of staff Magnus goodland, chairman of the association of British fashion council Caroline rush 

This day, xia hua knows
The promise of the women was realized
EVE China craftsmanship is one step closer to dream... 

"Quit business", "from scratch", "the beauty of a specially designed for men, top garments woman", "Chinese clothing leading brand head" "women 2005 China economic annual figure" "the most influential entrepreneurs" person of the "China marketing"...

If you search on the net, can see many with her about the label, for the first time for 23 years of entrepreneurship, let xiahua have wealth and a lot of honor, and to create a fashion brand in accordance with the group, and five independent brands (Kevin Kelly, NOTTING HILL, EVE DE UOMO, JAQUES PRITT, EVE CINA). The "bosom sister", who takes female leadership to the extreme, also allows young entrepreneurs to come and worship at her door... 

In 2000, as the only representative of China, xia hua went to Europe to participate in the global luxury BBS. As an invited guest, xia hua thought he would sit at the front of the table, only to find out at the scene that he was placed in a very backward position. 

"I was a little unconvinced, and I went to the front and saw hundreds of years of family brands, and the speakers were the ones that had to be seen in magazines. So I sat back in silence. About fifteen minutes of speech, I was placed in 11 or 12 places. I actually had a good powerpoint presentation before I took office, but then I realized that I had a lot of problems with my PPT. The first page of the family is the history of the brand, and the introduction of these histories is very simple. It is a picture of four or five elderly people, the grandfather of the speaker and grandpa... At that time, I was dizzy, I don't know how to introduce our history, I was in China to start a business, also only a dozen years. When I said I was going to add a history introduction to my powerpoint presentation, the translator asked me if there were any photos of my grandfather... I said please help me write a five back three 0. 

Thus, when xia hua came to power, the screen appeared "5000 years", the entire audience was in an uproar, people looked at this young girl on the stage, the discussion was a lot. 

"I know," said xiahau, "China has no brands in 5000, the world also have no, but I want to say, we do support brand 5000 years of history, was enough for me to walk with all of you here on a dialogue about aesthetics." The room quieted down and someone raised their hands. 

Choose a road that is sparsely populated
From the moment I met the embroider

 At the beginning, xia hua's idea was simple: to use the exquisite techniques handed down from the ancestors to develop unique products. So she began to organize designers into the mountains to find inspiration. 

However, when she went into guizhou and witnessed the life of a few ethnic women, she changed her mind. 

"In the beginning, did not think the Chinese hand workshop of this platform established, just hope also artists cooperation, but when I came near to embroider niang, I see the art of our eyes, is each real life, I see because they are poor, they have to give up a craft, away from home, away from children, to work in cities, selling fruit... I suddenly feel that if these people have no food to eat, how do we inherit the so-called art? It was then that I realized how pale my dreams were compared with their days... " 

From that moment on, xiahua began thinking was established according to the article, China hand workshop, not only to let the world see the beauty of Chinese traditional handicrafts, and more importantly, let tens of thousands of mountains of female embroidery, rely on their own workmanship, live a decent life. 

This is a hard and difficult road.
When a successful entrepreneur chooses to start a business, most of them will be familiar with it, and with the resources available, it will be an international and visible place to start... However, her second venture, not in the most manageable areas, is not to buy an international brand to do international markets... But in the era of the rapid change of business, with the mountains female embroidery race with time, no can draw lessons from the experience, the existing form of the model, the new start of it all. 

Maybe you didn't understand that
But this is a lifetime
A wayward decision
An unknown area
A group of poor embroideries who can't even understand mandarin...
This is the actual situation of the second startup xia hua. 

"First, there is no language, and second, the fine art of your imagination, and you look at their poverty, and you see it as a huge psychological contrast. The first time I told the female embroidery, I took you to Beijing and made your art more valuable. She didn't understand it. For more than 20 years, I have started to create my own business from an entrepreneur, from a shop assistant in xidan, and started to create a brand. These are all in order. 

She had stood on the international stage countless times, and had spoken many times, suddenly on the playground in the village, wondering where to start. She didn't understand the local dialect, she didn't understand the local folk characteristics, she was afraid they could not understand what an entrepreneur was saying...  

"I don't think language is a barrier, but the distance between the heart and the heart is an obstacle. I tried to get them to understand my initial feelings and understand what I was doing, and I wanted them to understand that I was with them. But I don't know where to start, I watched them from morning to afternoon, just come here, sit here, even if there is no national boundaries, in the same land, I still think we quite far... " 

In order to participate in the training, walked a half day mountain road, dressed up and the embroider 

Every lady's face, every puzzled look, every time I can't get a response... They both hurt and helpless. It was also at that time that she, who had always been a strong woman, was in the shopping mall, and she was crying in the mountains of guizhou. 

She knew that many of her embroideries could not understand her, but she made a promise to them on the playground. One day, she said to the mountain craftsmen, she would take them all over the world and show the world their songs, their words and their beauty... 

Second tears
Because of happiness
Five years later, xiahua has fulfilled her promise
In the past five years, there have been many detours and doubts and doubts. But every time she faced the embroider, every face, every true love, she must do it.

"All the problems we have for the first time, we all face problems like team management, profit model problems... People feel that it's really worth it to spend so much energy on one thing. Wouldn't it be better to spend more time on our business and make money? Especially in the most difficult time of the workshop, when all kinds of patterns ran through, I would be confused and ask myself, did I really do it right? 

In 5 years, 13 mountains deep in the handicraft museum, more than 3,000 Chinese traditional aesthetic patterns, more than 5,000 embroideries and their craft shows...

According to the article, China finally explore out the hand hold "discovery, sorting, innovation and application of" the accurate model for poverty alleviation, female embroidery to poor training, order to the home to the people, to the sustainable development of the business model, make these mountains of embroidered ladies have the opportunity to step by step in order to "embroidered dream mate" as the unit, the ability of obtaining permanent poverty.

Five years later, many craftsmen have come back from their hometown. They are proud of their own people and proud of their craft.
In five years, xia hua took them out of the mountains, walked into Beijing, came to London, and displayed their beauty to the world on the international stage. 

This time, it's because of happiness.
"Thank you, ambassador liu xiaoming, for the golden age of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and the UK, in such a way that the world will see the beauty of traditional Chinese handicrafts."

From a stubborn literary girl
To the first "learn to be" powerful woman.

People often label women entrepreneurs: "strong women", "workaholics", "big sister"... But xia hua said that she is a special effort, and also a very sensitive person. The mother's sudden death, from the early morning of age 14, was a hard worker who never slacked off. At the same time, she is also a faith player, on the way forward, she believes in meaningful things, it is worth to devote a lifetime to give. 

Resign from Beijing university of political science and law, she is a literary youth, like the Chinese literature, Chinese dress, with their own dreams, want to do a very beautiful thing, and change their own destiny. The stubbornness of the bone has made her, even at the counter of the counter, have no money to drive the delivery of the car, or rent a house to squat in the railway station, and never ask for a person. But she, for the second time, has been running around, screaming and crying over the years. Because this time, she said, not for herself. 

Those touching moments 

Those who get together for the good 

Someone say it's a small crowd, but xia hua says to her students, every young man in the hand workshop team, are constantly giving her strength.

"Of course," said xia hua, "in fact my most beautiful vision or, in the future, 30000, 50000, or more female embroidery, can embroidered with flowers, carrying her at home, feed themselves, to support family. I think this is the biggest meaning and joy behind this business model, and it is also my greatest sense of accomplishment, which is a feeling of accomplishment that is difficult to achieve in the first time.
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