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When intangible cultural heritage met fashion “ EVE?Never lost a dream of embroidery” EVE CINA senior fashion show Staged on Prince Gong Mansion

Published time:2017.06.14

On 8th June, “ EVE•Never lost a dream of embroidery”
EVE CINA senior fashion show Staged on Prince Gong Mansion.

To welcome the 2017 China's "cultural and natural heritage day”, on June 5 solstice 10," splendid China, China's intangible cultural heritage clothing show series of activities "held in Beijing Prince Gong Mansion. This activity is under support of the intangible department of ministry of culture, led by the ministry of culture, combined with China's textile industry association heritage office, Beijing institute of fashion technology, the organizing committee of the China international fashion week, the central university for nationalities institute of national costumes and other units, to present textile intangible clothing boutique series for the public.

after hundreds of years, national cultural treasures what almost disappear in QianXiNa, today presented on the stage of non-material cultural heritage in China.  this is a theme to let the old dream time encounter with the old times, a modern feast of Chinese embroidery.

The gentle sound of the Langshao  waved through the silent night sky
Direct heat the warmth of the heart and the romance of simplicity
The " EVE·never lost embroidered dream", the EVE CINA senior fashion show opens with a Buyi Langshao. 
Chinese elements, fashion new interpretation
The blue sky above the royal palace
The courtyard that holds the deposit of a hundred years
The deeper blue is an obsession.
From mountain to city,
From 100 years ago to modern,
On the stage  the skirts were fluttering
They bring us the softest power of the heart

EVE CINA incorporates a large number of ethnic embroidery features in the design process.

Like the shaking of the mountains to the present.

The eastern aesthetics of traditional art and modern life have become the inspiration for EVE CINA fashion.

The designer takes "fashion and simplicity" as the design concept, presents the new dress culture connotation and the Oriental aesthetics is rooted in the strong life force of the folk. Series of new expression bring traditional skills in the field of contemporary and fashionable new face in due course, let's see the charm of intangible, witness a perfect fusion of of primitive simplicity and luxury.

In the static exhibition hall, there are embroidery exhibits in the EVE China craftsmanship. 

Yu Dan also came to the royal palace to exchange the weaving skills with the miao embroidery grand ma Pan. 

The  grand ma Pan talked about the story of Miao embroidery. hese national embroidery is full of life wisdom rooted in traditional culture.

Every pattern on the embroidered cloth, it's all about fascinating stories.

Fifteen years of persistence
EVE group founded the “EVE China craftsmanship” with great public interest. The chairman Mrs. Xia led the team shuttle between the city and mountains for 15 years. they went door to door looking for embroidered niang, established family studio for they. 

In the village of ancient park, weaving with the beautiful old embroideries, deeply felt the love and hope that they had stitched together in the years.  

In addition to supporting the studio's financing, sales and promotion, EVE has really led to the addition of the folk embroiderers to the modern handicraft industry.

At present EVE group has established 13 unique arts and crafts museum, realize the protection of the craft collection, the museum to display and sale of embroidered mother works, more is the training to become craftsmen and designers of the communication base.

EVE group established manual pattern database, the use of supply chain solutions and "Internet +" development model, through the database resources matching, attracting global high-end designer and creative agency to participate.
Public cultural undertakings

Chinese traditional manual art has a very high aesthetic value and cultural connotation, but also faced with a large number of craftsmen live in the poor mountainous areas, forced to find another profession, and the craftsmen of ancient culture was under threat.
As an important move to save China's traditional culture, the China handicrafts has now attracted thousands of ethnic embroideries in Guizhou province. As their work has come out of the mountains, the culture of China's minority culture, which has been silent for thousands of years, is bringing new fashion to the world.
Among the embroiderers in the EVE China craftsmanship, there have been many embroidery women who have developed order cooperation with domestic and overseas enterprises. Join China handicraft union has more than 20 institutions, including the UK B&H creative platform, former Lanvin stylist Albert Elbaz and other well-known brands, are using these embroidered  embroidery technology and patterns. For the first time, the culture of the Chinese minority's embroideries and their traditional handicraft has amazed foreign fashion market.

"Embroidered dream", let Chinese culture go to international fashion stage
According to the results of the research and operation of the China craftsmanship,it provides new ideas for the inheritance of national culture and the trend towards international development. International fashion week since 2015, the opening show, EVE group showed the the world the beauty of Chinese folk manual since China intangible elements after rounds of age charm and EVE group together, are obtaining more and more international attention and praise sound.

The chairman of EVE group talking about the 15 years of persistence of the embroidered dream
When designers meet manual craftsmen, they grabbed national dream soul and root, the across time and space in fashion and fashion "embroider" dreams, to the world, will be amazing and respect.

In the future EVE embroidered dream will take more expectation to world.

With Langshao existing, the embroidered will never lost. 
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