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This is our further and brilliance

Published time:2017.06.05

This is a party of EVE people
This is a meeting of dream and further
2017 annual festival of EVE group was hold in 16th Feb in Beijing.
The topic of the festival is Looking for further and brilliance. 

1.Wlking into EVE  
Important guest from various circles, franchisee from around the counties, employees from company departments, are walking into EVE’s festival in red carpet.

2.The shocking opening
Dancers bring the opening dance of "the distance and the light," which is breathtaking.

3.Annual theme release
The chairman of EVE group, the rotating CEO and vice president of business respectively by "the distance with light" and "subversive and dream" "inheritance and change" "consumption and opportunities" as the theme for the annual theme, let us more detailed understanding of the in accordance with the group's development strategy and corporate culture.

4.Actors from deep mountains
The female embroiders from Qianxinan brought a song of "put on the embroidered clothes of mother."

5.“Letter alive “ of EVE group
In 2016 real story of EVE group let us clam down to feel the warmth of the letters. Through the letters , by the expression of speakers, let the audience go back to the times together.

6.A feast of sight and hearing
This is a visual and auditory feast, also is the perfect combination of art and science technology,
EVE fashion butler Wu Haoyue wear the luminous color skirt for up to 8 meters and performed the show "Scarborough Fair".

7.Folk guitar singing "chengdu"
The song "chengdu" by Zhao Lei has hit a circle of friends, and the folk sentiment has reignited many people's resonance. You must haven’t thought  the vice chairman of the company, who has the best level of appearance, the most fashionable and best typhoon "gods", once was the  campus band lead singer. is more than just before the eyes
"Life is not just about the present, but there are poems and fields in the distance. You come to the world with your bare hands, and you are desperate to find the sea..." The performance of"life is more than just before the eyes" from  the audited legal center has sparked applause from the crowd.

9.High school musical
The dance of "high school musical" by colleagues of the enterprise management center, funny and funny, led everyone to laugh, and many of the female colleagues said they would laugh at the crow's feet.

10. 2017 unique spring sports
The show performed by Yifubao team “ 2017 spring sports” show us a unique refreshing games.

11.Versatile EVE people
The glory, rolling in the deep, in the rain... A wonderful program, a multi-talented scholar, bring us too much surprise and happiness!

This is the witness of warmth and  truth between us,
We applaud for every team and individual with proud,
This is the voice of strategic, tactical and attitude,
This is the Intersection of future and moment.
We should insist on dream in the spring.
This is our further and brilliance. 
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