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A letter from Mrs. Xia Hua in the spring

Published time:2017.06.05

1.There are not only work ,but also life.
It’s another year of spring, good luck to the commencement. For more 20 years, every year on the day, the leader of every department will wait here in advance, with red envelopes, roses and New Year gifts in hands, to wait for everybody come back EVE home. In the new year, I really hope that every morning can be like this, forget all tried, all unhappiness. Everyone not only work here ,but also live here. When you come into here, your happiness and sadness are all related to the enterprise. The life I have spent for 23 year in my heart.

2.Speaking out and giving enough love
I know that without any lose, grievance and contradiction is impossible. But from another angle, why so care about this? If we spent a minute on depression, meanwhile we lose 60 second on happiness. I believe in EVE home, if we can speak out our voice and give enough love to each other, there are no problem can’t solve. 

3.Measure yourself with a ruler
Everyone should use a ruler to measure self, measure your growth, your value and your heart. In the nature, nobody can bind you, only you can release your energy.

4.Be firm in your beliefs and make breakthroughs in yourself
In my 23 years of entrepreneurship process, sometimes I also have problems and fell  dispirited. But I’m more brave and unswerving. When facing problems, I tell myself there are no retreat but solutions. In a new year, I hope everyone can breakout yourself, unleash your potential, You may find that your energy is really beyond your imagination. If you really love our home, really want to solve problem, you can always find solutions. 
5.From singles champion to team sports
For more than 20 years, EVE group has produced many singles champion. But today we’re facing team sports. It requires a higher requirement for efficiency and cooperation, and a better understanding of each other. Back to back and heart to heart, holding together to won the team sports is the most exciting moment for us. 

We know only with love and warmth can’t build a great enterprise. Besides we should focus on strategy, collaboration, order, rules, fairness, the bottom line. The shaping of a good team and  the advancing of a team , everybody should not only have the sense of responsibility, satisfaction,  but also the sense of crisis . The rapid growth of enterprises can’t promise you hide in a comfort zone in clover. In this era of rapid iteration, what can we do is embracing change. Today, as we go through the years, we have created a team of team capable, responsible, professional and efficient. Today is a multi-engine drive, expecting you to be the most powerful.

I’m grateful of meeting you in this a great and creative time. I believe we both are a beam of light of each other. Every glimmer of light can be assembled into an infinite light. In 2017, may we insist on dreams in spring, look for further and brilliant light.
                                                                                                                                        Xia Hua in Beijing
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