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Chinese style was popular in Yumi Katsura’s show, handmade embroidery made the beauty of China bloom in the Paris fashion show

Published time:2017.06.02

Japanese wedding dress designer Yumi Katsura combines a pure, romantic, and delicate design with a desire to live in a beautiful fashion. She never gave up her dream of Paris, she visited Paris once or twice a year. “To me, Paris is always my spiritual anchor, it is my design source, it is my success motive.” 2017 spring and summer advanced customization, Yumi Katsura took Oriental customs to Paris fashion show.

Among the products, the Handmade embroidery designed by EVE group was very popular. Exquisite lotus embroidery, amazing craftsmanship, combining Chinese embroidery elements with fashion design, combining traditional craft with modern technology, EVE group expressed the Chinese fashion attitude in a best way. 

EVE group and the China handicrafts took 15 years focused attention to do one thing, organized experts, scholars, and design teams to dig deep into the village to understand the indigenous culture, and to design and recreate the elements in the design of EVE CINA. Let the world see the beauty of China. When luxury and busy profusion are runway, this a wonderful hand craftsmanship made in China, let us in the back of a garment, read out the fear of the time, the heart of a succession of traditional crafts.
Yumi Katsura is a famous Japanese wedding clothing designer, she wrote several books of wedding clothing design. Now, Yumi Katsura’s beautiful bridal shops around the world, and has been tailored for many celebrities.

Yumi Katsura’s thanks for EVE group and China handicraft 

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