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Using fashion to retain culture and impress the world with ingenuity——2017 EVE CINA fashion show

Published time:2017.06.01

On 27th March, the leader of China’s fashion clothing industry brands EVE group Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the state of Qianxinan. The 2017 EVE CINA theme released by the two sides, for the first time, BUYI culture which has a thousand years were spread around the world, which brought a feast of visual for Mercedes-benz China international fashion week and more than 600 guests.

The show was star-studded. At the invitation of the chairman of EVE group and the founder of China handicrafts Mrs. Xia’s invitation, the ambassadresses from Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, France and other foreign countries and other more than 100 famous entrepreneurs that love Chinese culture took part in the activity. 

At the same time, China handicrafts and the state of Qianxinan joint took a strategic and cooperative press conference, to provide new solutions and models for realizing  targeted poverty alleviation and traditional cultural revival.
 Mr.Rambo, the member of the standing committee of the communist party of China of  the state of Qianxinan made a speech 

Huang Man, vice governor of the people's government of qiandongnan state, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the chairman of EVE group and the founder of the Chinese handicrafts  Xia Hua

A hundred years of inheritance and waiting just for meeting you today
With no gorgeous ceremony and fancy special effects, after the sound of the simple, melodious and well-spoken BUYI singing, it is a kind of inner monologue:

The deputy governor of the people's government of qiandongnan Hu Man” I was born here, grown up here and working  here. I sincerely hope that people come into here to see the respectable  inheritance if having opportunity. 

Chairman of EVE group and founder of China handicrafts Xia Hua” My happiest thing is watching them sing a mountain song, look at the baby, embroider the flowers, but also keep a home.”

Old BUYI embroider Huang Jinmei” I began learning embroidery when 6 year old. My ancestors lived in the mountains. Today, I came to Beijing for the first time. I would like to show you the good things that we do.”
The President of the Beijing international association and the wife of the Irish ambassador to China Kang meiwei” Today I see a group of people do one thing for 15 years. I hope I can do something for you let the world see the beauty of China.”
Nine sets of old loom, nine embroidered niang sitting in front of the loom working, every narrator lights playing on the bodies, each with a BUYI element design exquisite fashion, let the fashion show, as a stage of drawing.

Each season clothing on the live show all with BUYI elements as the theme, every piece of fabric is not machines, but from Ceheng handmade embroidered niang, each pattern is not mass production, behind which are true faces and true stories.
Fashion and simple, designers of EVE CINA reassembled the traditional patterns and elements, using modern means of expression and redefining national characteristics. EVE CINA extracted the wax pattern, using the form of digital printing, printed the pattern on the silk fabric, giving a new modern form of performance clothing reveals the sense of quality at the same time.
 The fashion show is a distinctive audio-visual feast, it also let the every audience deeply touched and witness the Chinese traditional arts and crafts in the fashion stage of recovery and blossom.

Innovation model of traditional process revitalization, EVE China handicrafts promotes the fission of Chinese handicraft genes
 As traditional element fashionable expression, this fashion week added thick BUYI amorous feelings, it also intuitively reflected the The spirit of the Chinese traditional technology revitalization plan” respecting the traditional culture, adhering to the spirit of the craftsman, stimulating creativity, increasing employment, and sticking to green development, learning from the excellent achievements of human civilization and cultivate Chinese craftsmen and famous brands.”

These precious native traditional handicrafts, contain the thinking of the cultural values of the Chinese nation, the wisdom and experience, it’s an important part of intangible cultural heritage.

 On the road of exploring how to realize the revival of traditional culture, with 15 years of time, EVE China handicrafts gradually formed a set of "discovery, sorting, innovation and application" of the closed loop model.
In 15 years, EVE China handicrafts work teams shuttle between cities and mountains to find the group of embroidered niang, through the power of business and fashion, hand in hand with them racing for modern civilization.
 Practice precious alleviate poverty, Let the embroider live a decent life
 It took me fifteen years of time to understand a truth. in our view, the traditional cultural is art, but for them, that is their daily lifes. The best respect for them is letting them have their own lifes. So we built the museum in the mountains, found the the migrant embroidered wives one by one, because only by adapting the original ecological model, can we strengthen culture in the land . "Xia Hua said. 

 How to combine the traditional process with the precise poverty reduction, how to convert the handicraft of the mountains to the productive forces, the EVE China handicrafts has been exploring. In its latest strategic projects "embroidered dream plan", it plans in the next three years, 1000 "embroidered dream workshop" will be established in QianXiNan areas. Each dream studio now has at least five embroidery niang, each workshop ensure that there are fifty thousand yuan a year-orders, so that every household income reached ten thousand yuan, so they rely on their own hands get a dignified life. At the same time, it helps to improve the design, production level and overall quality of traditional craft products, so that they have the ability to lift themselves out of poverty. 

oday, there are more than 20 examples of "embroidery dream workshops". EVE China handicrafts also explores following channels for embroidery products sales, through the Chinese arts and crafts alliance enterprise and global designer resources, to redesign the workshop production of handicraft products, production, international output, so as to establish a virtuous cycle of business model.

The dream project is now supported and valued by local governments in qianxinan state. In EVE China handicrafts workshop & qianxinan (BUYI) strategic cooperation conference, the two sides signed the Chinese arts and crafts town construction, arts and crafts learning room, China's "embroidered dream project" construction and a series of major projects.

liang Zhongmei, a 50 year old single-armed embroidered niang, one of the 3000 signed embroidered niang. The butterfly she embroidered is vivid. But over the years, her works, like all embroideries, can only be sold on the local market stalls, with a maximum of rmb100 per embroidered butterfly. They don't know the value of their work, and the outside world knows nothing about them and their work.
Yet two years ago, she and her work began to change because of the EVE China handicrafts. Her butterfly, which has been packaged and carefully crafted, now sells for more than 1,000 yuan per work, with monthly income rising from about 1,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

According to staff of China handicraft, embroider niang like Liang Zhongmei that have joined in  China handicrafts now have more than 3000 people, more than 1000 of them have work patterns and materials in database of China handicrafts. More than 200 people have been working with domestic and international companies. Today more than 20 institutions joined Chinese arts and crafts alliance, including the UK B&H creative platform, former Lanvin stylist Albert Elbaz, "the world of" guangxi by the beautiful lady, famous brand and well-known designers are using these embroidered niang’s embroidery technology and patterns. For the first time, the culture of the Chinese minority's embroideries and their traditional handicraft has amazed foreign fashion market.

Improving  the international voice of Chinese fashion, letting the Chinese culture walk out 
How to improve the international voice of Chinese fashion has always been the focus of the whole fashion industry. In the era of rapid development of business, in mass production and chase to  popular simplification, rather than go with the flow, using Chinese fashion attitude to influence the world. Let cultural value of the global fashion culture be inspired and thought by the traditional cultural.

With the internationalization of the global fashion aesthetic language dialogue, EVE China handicrafts, has always try to let the world see the beauty of the Chinese manual for the mission, spares no effort to take Chinese life philosophy and culture connotation into fashion.
On the day of opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012, EVE group held a "China business-EVE fashion show” in the British business mansion Custer palace, together with dozens of well-known Chinese entrepreneur and style star fashion charm.

In2015 international fashion week, EVE CINA showed the beauty of Chinese handcraft to the world.
EVE CINA took the fashion as bond, the clothing as carrier, brought the millennial fabric of culture to the international area, What conveyed were a variety of ways to find individual differences and good fashion attitudes.

In the future, EVE China handicrafts will also construct China fashion culture exhibition center within the scope of Europe and the world, make China handicrafts a bridgehead and linker of Chinese culture to go out , bring Chinese handicraft builders works on the international stage to be saw and respected by the world. And after finishing the minority patterns of modern aesthetic translation, libraries, and continuously provide inspiration for designers from global, let the world hear the story, amazing Chinese design, fall in love with Chinese products, let China's fashion attitude influence the world, let the Chinese national culture to the world stage.
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