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Beijing International fashion week stunned the world, EVE CINA stunned fashion week

Published time:2017.06.01

She was born in 2011
But full of 5000 years of Chinese culture accumulation
Grafting traditional and modern
Meeting east and west civilizations
It is committed to following the Chinese spirit,
Transmitting world’s fashion trend,
Expressing international new fashion concepts,
Creating new ideas for fashion.

The perfect combination of traditional craft and modern design,
A new expression of Chinese fashion attitudes.

On 27th March 2017, EVE CINA fashion show spread the BUYI culture with a thousand years to the world at first time, brought an audio-visual feast of beauty for Mercedes-benz Chinese international fashion week and more than 600 guests, more than 100 media.

No.1 Atmosphere
Nine sets of old loom, nine embroidered niang sitting in front of the loom working, every narrator lights playing on the bodies, each with a BUYI element design exquisite fashion, let the fashion show, as a stage of drawing.

Each season clothing on the live show all with BUYI elements as the theme, every piece of fabric is not machines, but from Ceheng handmade embroidered niang, each pattern is not mass production, behind which are true faces and true stories.

No.2 Details 

Fashion and simple, designers of EVE CINA reassembled the traditional patterns and elements, using modern means of expression and redefining national characteristics. EVE CINA extracted the wax pattern, using the form of digital printing, printed the pattern on the silk fabric, giving a new modern form of performance clothing reveals the sense of quality at the same time.

No.3 native cloth

On the one hand, EVE CINA used direct application of suitable materials for the fabric of clothing. On the other hand, EVE CINA shows the pattern on different fabrics in the form of printing, and give the new vitality to the soil cloth.

No.4 Tassel ribbon

EVE CINA extracted the pattern of streamers and adjusted the details of the pattern. The pattern of streamers is arranged in large areas, and the pattern of printing is reexpressed to presented a new kind of art. 

EVE CINA let the BUYI triangle flower blossomed in the catwalk at international fashion week.

EVE CINA took the fashion as bond, the clothing as carrier, brought the millennial fabric of culture to the international area, What conveyed were a variety of ways to find individual differences and good fashion attitudes.
Let the world listen to Chinese story,
Surprised by Chinese design,
Fall in love with Chinese products.
Let the Chinese fashion attitude influence the world,
Let the Chinese culture go to the world. 

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