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2017 Global women’s summit- Xia Hua” depth interpretation of the beauty of Chinese fashion”

Published time:2017.05.16

At the invitation of the chairman of global women’s summit Irene Natividad, the chairman of EVE group Ms. Xia Hua took part in the summit in the new takanawa prince hotel in Tokyo on 13th May, and gave a wonderful speech. 

Chairman of EVE group Ms. Xia Hua, chairman of MCM group Ms. Jin Shengzhu, Natori  group Ms. Josie Natori  and the founder of Hiroko Koshino Ms. Hirokokoshino attended the summit.
The global women’s summit is a business meeting focus on development, the participants are all women. The almost  audiences are women leaders of companies and government. Many of them are from Asian area, and others are from Europe, Africa and American. The summit has hold 26 times, it’s the most important conference on speeding up the global women economical solutions . 

More than 1000 people from 60 to 70 countries, including more than 30 ministerial leaders .The topic of the summit is accelerating channel of women economics. The summit proposed global and national  measures of promoting women contact of business opportunity and leader positions. Meanwhile proposed women bringing creative ideas to global market. 

The passion of love 
23 years ago, she is a law teacher of China University of Political Science and Law, which is  China’s highest institution of law learning. For the passion of clothing, she resigned the position of the teacher, building EVE group such a fashion group . For the 23 years, she established four brands ,      EVE de UOMO, NOTTING HILL, Kevin Kelly and EVE CINA. 

When Ms. Xia was 14 her mother passes away. The father brought she and three brothers, the family was very poor. At that time, the old clothes of father would  give to the brothers by turns. So for the beginning of brand, the first clothing were designed for her father. 

At that time, color of  clothing mainly are prey and blue. She had  started  trying to colors and grid, and trying to  integrated  Chinese handicrafts to EVE clothing.


She has a nickname of “ the woman most understand man”. In China, she has provided service for 1800 thousand man customers for more than 20 years including MR. Ma Yun and other entrepreneurs. She spend many energy to improving the clothing taste of men, many consumers thought she was not only a fashion entrepreneur, but also brought them warmth like a wife.

Before 20 years , she creative a special position “ EVE fashion butler”. The butlers not only provides clothing, but also assistants  costume matching for every different business activities.

EVE fashion butlers try to promoting men’s clothing taste by professional service, and hold parties for them. Before the London Olympic Games, EVE organized  some Chinese entrepreneurs and models to finished a fashion show in Lancaster House.

China handicrafts
China is a big market with a billions consumers. Making  national well-known brands special, she used a creative way  to make everyone wear EVE clothing for lifetime.

For these years, EVE group has Supported more than 3000 embroideries. She make the embroideries connected with global designers to design clothing for Chinese consumers. Today, EVE group has made embroideries at home to support family.
 The market of young people is nonnegligible. Many global luxury brands all thing about the issue, they can be the Old love or New like of Chinese young people. EVE group always pay attention to the service, leading them to establish their style. 
Today EVE has nearly thousands of users on internet. From uploading their own fashion idea to a doorstep delivery service only needs 21 days. China’s future market has huge development space and can take a consumption fashion revolution. 
                                              Chinese brands can win world-wide applause in someday
 Gives the dignity and honor to people 
With unyielding national sense of responsibility
With innovation to promote the Chinese brand to the world
EVE group , let the world see the beauty of China. 
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