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NPC Member Xiahua" Activing Beijing's most attractive intangible cultural heritages, creating the most influential cultural products"

Published time:2017.04.24

Proposals of XiaHua
Activation of Beijing's most attractive intangible cultural heritages and creating the city's most influential cultural products, these can be a common relish of people and a consumption with most connotation.
On Jan.16, when interviewed by “Qianlong interview of 2017 NPC&CPPCC” and “full-view of NPC&CPPCC on Beijing time”, Beijing NPC Member and chairman of EVE GROUP XiaHua expressed her proposals. Her proposals mainly talk about the intangible cultural heritages and Beijing building creative culture livable city. Intangible cultural heritages not only belong to  handicraftsman, but also is a creative way to connect modern life way and future’s generation.

Training of inheritor
When established China Craftsmanship, many young people wouldn’t learn these traditional handicrafts. Later we encouraged global designers to learn from old craftsman, bit by bit then slowly made breakthrough progress. Last year, the old craftsmen handed with China Post. The stamps become into the embroidery products, aesthetics, art can be seen in the family. For 15 years, any craftsman and any designers can seek creative ideas in there. The creative products after inspiration can be sell through internet. Because of this many foreign brands will sign orders with us. Today there have more than 3000 female embroiders can look at her kids while embroidering  flowers to feed the family.

Internet +
Fashion industry is the most easy to break the boundaries. A star, a online celebrity and even common people can take reactions with it. When we truly find the aggregated value between industries, the trend brought by the reactions will be very worthy of attention and thinking. Internet talents quickly join into the traditional industry, promoting the development of the industry, so does the substantial economy. Sharing of fixed assets, toolizing of intermediary services, socialization of the user consumption, these I have deepest feelings in the past year.

For EVE GROUP, transformation is through the platform of Vital-technology to linking the traditional manufacturing factories and designers to forming a flexible supply chain platform for young entrepreneur. On the other hand, it combines the craftsman and global market together, let the products with modern life aesthetics can translate into value in Paris, Milan and other place in the world.

The Internet impact to the traditional enterprise
The most important thing is to identify advantages and disadvantages. From wind-gap to value, bases on the industry and readjusts the location of the whole ecosystem. From competition to cooperation, focus on efficiency and collaboration, to create and share together.
Beijing likes a linker
Under the circumstances of scientific development, Everyone in Beijing is a driving force of the urban vitality. Beijing likes a linker, the burst of vitality can’t leave the care and guidance of government. From stores and shops to state-owned enterprise and private enterprise, everyone loves and constructs it , the land will be more and more prosperous. 

We believe, as a international first-class harmonious livable city and cultural city, the charm of Beijing is by the protection, inheritance and promotion of intangible cultural heritages to renewing the vigor, Stimulating and promoting consumption, giving full play of intangible cultural heritages’ social values, educational values, industrious values and cultural output value. Let the consumption have more connotation, so to promote urban culture construction, and expand the international visibility and reputation of the city!
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