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Weibo Night-"Beauty and Fashion,the most glaring and liveliest night"

Published time:2017.04.21

On the weibo night, Queen&King born. Fanbingbing,TFBOYS received this honor. Yangzi,Zhangyishan,Liutao,Wangkai,Wangjiaer,Dingning,Malong,Sunyang,Zhangjike and many other stars took part in. Beauty and fashion, it makes the audience joy and crazy.

The chairman of EVE GROUP Mrs. Xia Hua handing out the "weibo popular artist of the year" award.

Changed from Liuxing to mature boy, Zhangyishan’s dress can be given perfect. Wearing blackbarrett tailored suit and white-shirt with black line. The whole image is young, fashionable and willful.

Korean popluar group GOT7 member Jackson, wears black tailored suit, looks very handsome.

The whole celebration uncle Boo wears warmest. He wears an overcoat, black coat and red pants. Although looks like little tired but warm and prudent.


Wangkai is so handsome and wears very fashionable. Low-key elegance, Let's congratulations to him.

The national swimming team leader SunYang wears high-traits suits.

Guo Degang and his son won popular Weibo year family

Mrs.xia met the old friend"Cao Weiguo",the host of "Weibo Night", fetl very warm

Mrs.xia Hua and her old friends PanShiyi,WangZhongjun,CaoWeiguo,ZhangXingsheng,ChenHong and MiaoHongbing

Beautiful LiuTao

Pretty ShuQi

Witty Honghuang girl 
Weiboo night, meeting with old and new friends. Beauty and fashion, wintessing the anniversary hot affairs, hot figures and popular issues. Weibo night King&Queen, Open the prelude of 2017 fashion trend.
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