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Encountering Hmong Village-"2017 EVE de UOMO Spring and Summer Video"

Published time:2017.04.21

2017 spring and summer video
Took the spring and summer series to nature
Came into the deep mountains of Hmong village where the embroiders live
From city to village
From modern to traditional
To seek the nature of fashion
Greatest arts needn’t follow the trend, he himself can lead the popularity.
Maybe it’s the nature and taste of fashion. 
Story Behind Video
When the beautiful and peaceful scene of Hmong village showing in front
In field and in mountain
The pure beauty into eyes
Let us be deeply moved

Females embroiders sit together
Talking about the most common tasks
Making the small hope of live by hands
Sometimes it’s small flowers
Sometimes it’s a pair of red-billed white duck in the water
Their whole thoughts
All becomes vivid and deliberate with silk weaving
Although they wear simply
Opening the handicrafts
What presents us is so bright and colorful
The murmuring flowing water reflects their faces that are no longer young
Although their beautiful lifetime goes on with laundry, cooking and farming
Their handicrafts owe amazing colors 

EVE de UOMO 2017 spring and summer video went into mountains
To let everyone know that in China there are many beautiful places and beautiful people
They are using their own way to transport the quintessence of Chinese craftsmanship
For them, we can’t stop to find
We shouldn’t choose to forget
Behind the video
EVE GROUP have spent over 20 years to finding and researching and built a database of more than 3000 embroiders and crafts element pattern database
To the world, it can support the handicrafts development of enterprises and individuals
Providing the database of embroiders and crafts element patterns
By commercial strength to carry on poverty alleviation accuratly

At the same time, EVE GROUP pioneeringly  integrated  Chinese  craftsmanship and fashion butler service into advanced customization, established EVE HOME model store
Different from other stores, EVE HOME Store not only have traditional clothing, but also have  EVE CINA  clothing
Traditional culture blend into modern business
Social demand impetus to the development of arts and crafts
That ancient civilization can be retained
Time goes by but truth emotion unchanged
Not only the family, love and friendship
But also the responsibility of traditional culture
Fashion thus be meaningful
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