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For children’s future, EVE fashion butler and Ma public foundation go for love together

Published time:2017.02.08

There is a group of people, they don't have the impressive achievements, but devoted all the love for teaching. They left homeland and in hard environment warmed each student's soul with love, guarded the teachers' professional ethics with responsibility, held up the sky for rural left-behind children with obligation. They give up comfortable life, only to achieve the most simplest dream of the remote mountain children. Day after day, they are neglected but stick to beliefs.

They are more than 3000 thousand rural Chinese teachers. They are the light of 90 million Chinese rural reading children's hope. Blundering social affects education. In this society, how many people are willing to be poor, abide by faith alone, wholeheartedly in three feet platform? But we are lucky that they are always stick to the education without complaint or regret. Without their persistence and dedication, millions of rural children will lose light, China's country will be deserted.

On January 5, 2017, the second "ma village teacher awards was held in Sanya Shangri-la, 100 rural teachers from 12 western provinces and Zhejiang province meet in Sanya. "Ma public foundation “launched “Ma rural teacher award" public welfare projects in 2015, evaluating the 100 rural teachers every year and providing professional help they are badly needed to model village teacher sun dynamic examples.

At the ceremony, Ma invited several stars and CEO of EVE group Mr. Xia together came to the platform for rural teachers. Jet li, Na ying, Zhao wei, Wang han, Gao xiaosong,Zhu dan, Mr. Wang, Ma su, Song xiaobao, Bai Re creek, lang lang, Han hong and so on. But tonight the stars became the green leaves, the real stars were 100 award-winning teachers on the stage , were the 3000 thousand Chinese rural teachers guarded bitter in the country, snow-capped mountains, desert, grassland and island. 

Ms. Xia representative the whole staff of EVE group provided the most warm gift and awards for rural teachers. January 5 also is the Chinese traditional "laba". “laba” also means warmth and love, these are also the great Chinese rural teacher's best qualities. Because almost all of the rural teachers never lived in a five-star hotel and took the airplane, have no chance so closely contact with the sea, so the place is set in the shangri-la hotel in sanya.

EVE Group handed with Ma public foundation, adhered to the idea of combining "people, clothing, culture" , assisted rural teachers plan, and provided “N to 1” senior custom service for rural teachers by EVE fashion butler team. To express the most high respect to all rural teachers of EVE group.

The 100 delegated rural teachers’ from 12 western provinces and Zhejiang province basic life is very poor. In order to spend all money on the education of children, they give up buying a piece of clothing and a pair of shoes for themselves. Letting children eat a hot meal and buy a book is more important than anything.


In the Ningxia Hui autonomous region west sea area Shawo school, Ni Jinxi is the only teacher. On the first start, Ms. Ni’s husband was the teacher of the school and deployed to Sanfenwan primary school. Without teacher, Shawo school had the risk of being removed. “Keep the school first, when having new teacher in future, I can do for myself.” With this idea, Ms. Ni has insisted for 9 year. Nobody comes in during the 9 year. Expect teaching the 32 students, she plays the roles of cooker, guard either. At the first time, the classroom is a run-down adobe, doors and Windows are broken. When winter comes , children even have no space to hiding. Low wages and hard conditions make her can’t buy a new dress for himself. One day Ms. Ni accidentally burned the only coat collars when giving a stove for children, felt unhappy. Student Li Xiaofang found and said “ Ms. Ni, I will buy a new one for you when grow up.” Another student Ma Yatao promised “ I can buy a pair of shoes for you when grow up.”  After this, Ms. Ni never think about leaving Shawo school.  Letting more students receive love has been her most important wish.When wearing the senior custom dress, she gave bright smile on face like a girl. For her, the custom dress is the most precious gift.

Meng Xiaomei is a teacher of North Gengxiang primary school in Qicheng county, Laibin city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Because of poor, she almost lose study chance in childhood. When growing up, with the care of villagers and government she can receive education again and become a rural teacher. During the 22 years , she has been contributing love, wisdom, quality to a lot of poor students and substitute teacher to building a road of hope. As a Public welfare volunteer, she organized local volunteer team, built a bridge between poor rural children and public welfare activities. Working hard 20 year, only for the dream of study of village children.

When she known the team made custom clothing for her is a professional team including fashion butlers, designers, pattern master, craftsman and so on, which provided service for Ma yun, Liu chuanzhi, Wang jianlin and other elites , she tingling with excitement, and expressed she will regard the exclusive custom clothing as treasure ,as for her it’s unique.
 EVE fashion butlers is as a top service in all-round dress code and way of life, Only to serve the exclusive high-end business people as the international and domestic member of star and brand. At ordinary times. But today, the team only serve for the rural teachers which are respected. We have no words, we can only provided the most respect and the best service to these ordinary rural teachers. They guard the children at the corner of China. We can only warm they by the way of ourselves.

Everyone agree children are the future of our society, but these future need somebody to protect. Education is the greatest invest of human and needs whole people to devote. We believe every kid deserves love and equal education. More remote place need more bright, make children see the hope of getting rid of poverty and achieving dream. The ordinary rural teachers are the most massy power of children. 

\EVE group has established for 23 years and always keep a heart of public welfare. The CEO of EVE group Ms. Xia once was a teacher and has a special emotion for education career. The cooperation of Ma public foundation represents the support of EVE group for 3000 thousand rural teachers. They devote their whole life time to rural education, and deserve the top service at the moment. EVE always is a brand full of emotion. We hope transport warmth to them by this way. Wearing the exclusive custom clothing from us, lets them have more energy to be the most dazzling light in the heart of children. At the same time, they are not alone, rural teachers, rural education, a sinɡle spark can start a prairie fire.

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