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[Reception desk]

We use mortise and tenon joint structure made a Ming dynasty style desk , the feeling of overall give a person a kind of match well of Chinese and western, perfect unifies the traditional and modern in together Setting wall adopts imported Italian stone and makes a flannelette effect On the one hand, it looks good texture On the other hand, it fully embodies the characteristic of our clothing enterprises The first floor hall has 81 crystal lamps at the top

[Office and hallway]

Walking between the stairs of the EVE building , you will seem reaching in the museum You can see not only has the China s old items with charm, the flamboyant Western oil painting also will brighten up your eyes And all this should show the fashionable life aesthetics of EVE EVE GROUP grasps fashion accurately, not secular, nor the arty The gifts in the frame were designed carefully by EVE designers They both contain traditional Chinese elements and concise style in the west The frame with Chinese wind texture color foils the elegance of tea gift of EVE GROUP The beauty of EVE building stairwells is not the same, there is always someone admires in your heart Weather colorful oil painting or succinct gift It is a blend of Chinese and western culture to let you have infinite sigh


Bronze 、ancient city wall, they did not have manipulated with shaw killed, which dull your heart is strong tension of Chinese traditional culture

[Resolution hall]

Luxuriant and stable, the resolution hall spawning a woman’s all love She led her management team with modern thinking innovation consciousness and the professional level constantly communicate perseverance and the pursuit of EVE for men s clothing

[VIP Room]

Dragon bed set does not make you feel abrupt and discomfort, but let you experience the elegant after refinement fusion between Chinese and western culture Master, however, is more preferred the " 10 lohan ivory carving " at the top of dragon couch

[Eight Ferghana horse]

Eight regional chief executives in Beijing market at the annual meeting send a picture of eight sweat horse to chairman XiaHua made of white marble, sweat horse is hard to tame, once tamed, it is always faithful, this is faithful expression of EVE employees

[1281 Growing feet]

Using the South African zebra wood special texture,Carved 12 rings and 81 small rings,it presents 12 senior management personnel and 81 middle managers The status of the shape of the ruler symbolizes symbol of the enterprise and the staff s own measure

[Original design one-hundred years camphorwood table ]

A hundred years camphorwood,with manual cutting ,bronze piece and light camphorwood sweet, relieves the tension and fatigue between conference work

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